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Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Ms. Harper has provided services for more than 115 law firms in virtually every circuit as well as JAMS and TTAB. She has also provided testimony for both the prosecution and defense in criminal trials ranging from fraud to murder. Ms. Harper has provided courtroom testimony in cases involving Trademark Infringement, Trade Dress Infringement, Patent Infringement, Misleading and False Advertising, Licensing, Defamation, Commercial Reasonableness, Breach of Contract / Performance, and Personal Injury.


Trademark Infringement Surveys

Consumer opinions, behavior, and potential confusion are key issues in Lanham Act litigation and TTAB proceedings. Ms. Harper develops surveys and analyzes these issues in relation to trademark or trade dress infringement, secondary meaning, and genericness. HLCR capabilities include state-of-the art survey designs that are probative of the relevant issues in each case.

Rebuttal Reports and Surveys

Ms. Harper has successfully rebutted expert opinions regarding intellectual property infringement surveys, licensing, and advertising. She formulates expert rebuttal critiques based on solid marketing principles and models, professional research standards, and her 30+ years of Fortune 500 experience. Ms. Harper also provides guidance on how to approach the opposing expert’s deposition.

Business & Marketing

With Ms. Harper's 30+ years of Fortune 500 experience, she is uniquely skilled at providing reports involving marketing and branding, distribution, strategy, defamation, licensing, digital media, social media, in-store merchandising, and more.

Pre-Trial Focus Groups

Gain insight into how the jury may perceive your witnesses, case strategy, questions, and demonstratives. Dig deep into their potential attitudes, beliefs and opinions in a live, interactive, online session. Then, refine your case strategy to improve your chances of litigation success.

Deceptive Advertising

Deceptive advertising surveys provide an analysis of whether, and to what degree, consumers have been mislead and also whether it materially influenced consumer purchase decisions. Ms. Harper designs, fields, and analyzes quantifiable surveys that provide a measure of consumer perceptions.

Post-Trial Interviews

Obtain feedback from jurors to better understand what worked and what didn't in your case.  Jurors will be more comfortable and provide more honest and complete feedback from a third party. During individual IDIs (in-depth interview) we will dig deep into "why" they decided how they decided.

PTO Examining Attorney Support

Ms. Harper provides two inexpensive PTO Examining Attorney likelihood of confusion support services: PTO Survey Snapshot and PTO Marketing Brief.

Mediation Support

Strengthen your case mediation with the cost-effective Mediation Snapshot Survey or Mediation Marketing Brief.