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Pre-trial Focus Groups Can Improve Your Case Strategy

Focus groups help clients gain insight into how the jury may perceive your witnesses, case strategy, questions, and demonstratives. Dig deep into their potential attitudes, beliefs and opinions in a live, interactive, online session. Then, refine your case strategy to improve your chances of litigation success.

What are Online Focus Groups?

Online or virtual focus groups collect qualitative data among multiple individuals who gather together in a zoom-like setting to discuss a specific topic led by a moderator. It is not a statistical, quantitative research study but rather one which is designed to learn about attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and, more importantly, find out "why" participants think, feel, and act the way they do.

How Do Focus Groups Work?

HLCR will work with you to draft a Moderator's Script which ensures all appropriate topics are covered.

We belong to an online focus group platform which invites the appropriate 6-10 participants to the study. Our professional moderator guides the discussion among the group for the period of 1-2 hours.

Can Clients Attend Focus Groups?

Yes. However, you will be muted and blocked from view from the participants. You may send chats to our moderator if you would like specific questions asked or would like more probing on a question already asked.