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Learn what worked and what didn't with post-trial juror interviews

Obtain feedback from jurors to better understand what worked and what didn't in your case.  Jurors will be more comfortable and provide more honest and complete feedback from a third party. During individual IDIs (in-depth interview) we will dig deep into "why" they decided how they decided.

What is an Individual IDI?

An individual in-depth interview (IDI) is a real-time qualitative research method that gathers comprehensive information from one person at a time. This allows the interview to dig deeper and the responder to feel more comfortable providing a thorough and honest response.

How does it Work?

Prior to the interview, HLCR will work with the client to create a Moderator's Script that will guide the topics of the study.

HLCR will set up IDIs with as many jurors as you request and that will agree to participate. The interview will be performed via a zoom-like video conference call. It will take 30-60 minutes per juror.

Can the Client Attend the Interview?

Yes, providing the juror has not requested anonymity. If on the call, clients will be muted and blocked from view from the juror. Clients may send the moderator requests through the chat function.