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Cost-effective PTO examining attorney solutions

PTO Survey Snapshot

The cost-effective "Snapshot Survey" is to be used as evidence for the PTO Examining Attorney. It will be confined to the trademark application and examining attorney's requirements only. The standard Eveready or adapted-Squirt methodologies and online protocols will be used. The number of responders will be limited to 100 which provides directional findings.

If the findings are favorable (< 6% or > 50%), an Affidavit can be provided and includes: Case Background, Credentials, Survey Methodology, Findings, and Opinion.

Note - As  a "directional only" survey, it does NOT meet the statistical and reporting requirements for TTAB or the circuit courts. Therefore, it is understood that it would NOT be used in these circumstances.

PTO Marketing Brief

If you need a professional Marketing Expert Witness opinion as Examining Attorney support a PTO case in which the Applicant's and Opposer's marks goods/services categories, consider the Marketing Brief.

At no cost, HLCR will review the case and determine if a Marketing Brief is favorable to your position. If so, the marks will be analyzed based on likelihood of confusion factors including channels of distribution, target markets, and so forth. The deliverable is an Affidavit that includes: Case Background, Credentials, Analysis, Findings, and Opinion.